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Training and Maintenance of BLM Products supplied

Promotion of growth, efficiency,
productivity, profitability and
competitiveness of our clients through
provision of effective and reliable
business centered maintenance
practices, knowledge, solutions and
support plus new opportunities for growth
and development
To establish a business environment
that will support its owners, benefit its
employees and satisfy its customers
through effective and reliable Equipment
Installations and Maintenance Practices/

BLM Precise Engineering Solutions Ltd. is a  
private limited company owned by a group of  
professionals. It was incorporated on 23rd of  
December 2010 with limited Liability. BLM  
specializes in provision of practical, problem-
oriented and customer-tailored BCM  
solutions, skills, knowledge, information and  
support services aimed at solving the clients’  
problems, improving their Production  
efficiencies, Machiner. Read More